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  • Top 12 Iconic Photos of Hanoi

    Traveling to the bustling, colorful (and crazy) Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam, you can always find authentic adventures and experiences. but not only is the adventures endless, there is also chances for photo opportunities. If … Readmore

  • RTC’s Young Tour Guide Training Program 2016

    After the success of last year’s young tour guide training program, RTC (The Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam) was set to return for another fantastic year on July. As an … Readmore

  • 2 Hidden Treasures You Can Still Find In Central Highlands

    Tay Nguyen (sometimes also called Central Highlands) can be divided into 3 sub-regions, namely: South Tay Nguyen (Lam Dong), North Tay Nguyen (inclusive of Kon Tum and Gia Lai provinces), … Readmore

  • A Guide To Local Experience

    Like many people, I seek inspiration in others’ wise words. One of my favourites is “Only the open minded get to experience the world from many perspectives”. It constantly reminds … Readmore

  • 5 Reasons Why We Love Mid Autumn Festival

    Every year, Vietnamese celebrate one of the most colorful and culturally significant holidays of the year – Tet Trung Thu (Mid Autumn Festival) on the 15th day of the 8th … Readmore

  • Join Us At WTM 2016

    15 years ago, Footprint Travel was first established by 2 graduates who dreamed of showing Vietnam to the world. After years of extensive travelling throughout Vietnam, we have learned that … Readmore

  • The Southern Treats

    Vietnam’s cuisine is dynamic and incredibly distinct. Unlike the balance of the sweet and the salty from the North and spicy and strongly flavored from the Central Vietnam, you may … Readmore

  • Follow In The Footsteps Of A Fan Maker In Chang Son

    Everything you have read or heard about Hanoi is true. The endless flow of motorbikes, the lively markets and some of the world’s best street food are all here. However, … Readmore

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