5 Reasons Why We Love Mid Autumn Festival

Every year, Vietnamese celebrate one of the most colorful and culturally significant holidays of the year - Tet Trung Thu (Mid Autumn Festival) on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. This year, the holiday will be held on September 15, 2016 when the moon is at the fullest and brightest period. Although Mid Autumn is a celebration of children, we can’t deny our excitement for it due to these 5 reasons   1, The Uproarious Atmosphere In The Street   Mid autumn is children-oriented festival as a result; they are treated with many special gifts. Near the event, the streets are bustling ... Readmore

Join Us At WTM 2016

15 years ago, Footprint Travel was first established by 2 graduates who dreamed of showing Vietnam to the world. After years of extensive travelling throughout Vietnam, we have learned that to truly increase the value in travel, we first have to ensure that our trips are valuable to our guests where the depth of culture and authentic experiences completely inspires them. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, we strive to travel in a way that respects culture, protects our environment and supports the communities we visit. Finally, we also strongly believe that what we do must bring excellent value to our ... Readmore

The Southern Treats

Vietnam’s cuisine is dynamic and incredibly distinct. Unlike the balance of the sweet and the salty from the North and spicy and strongly flavored from the Central Vietnam, you may notice the fresh textures and sweet flavour of the quintessential Southern dishes. If you are looking for information on culinary experiences in the South of Vietnam, browse our listing of 10  top dishes to try. By no means is this a definitive list—just 10 of the most memorable, most interesting, and most delicious dishes for me. With all that being said, are you ready to start exploring?   1, Hu Tieu Nam ... Readmore

Follow In The Footsteps Of A Fan Maker In Chang Son

Everything you have read or heard about Hanoi is true. The endless flow of motorbikes, the lively markets and some of the world’s best street food are all here. However, Hanoi also abounds with traditional craft villages from pottery, conical hat, carpentry, statue - making. Just to name a few. One of the villages with a long history of crafting is Chang Son – paper fan making village located not so far away from the city centre.   From the 19th century, Chang Son folding fans were well-known at home and abroad, used to be displayed in Paris exhibitions. We were invited ... Readmore

How Footprint Travel’s Volunteer Tourism Connect Cultures and Support Community

Volunteer tourism has become a popular growing travel trend for the past few years. Travelers spend their money on the opportunity to do volunteer work in another country. Some say it’s a moral practice contributing to the local community where they travel to, while others say it does more harm than good. With mission rooted in responsible travel, we act as a bridge between you and the host and help you take our mission to the next level. Today, we sat down with Son – Footprint’s co-founder to talk about our activities towards volunteer tourism. How does Footprint Travel select the ... Readmore

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