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The best places for watching snow in Vietnam

Apart from Sapa, Y Ty in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai, tourists can see the rare phenomenon of snow and ice in Mau Son (Lang Son), Phia Oac (Cao Bang) and Tay Con Linh (Ha Giang).

1. Sapa, Y Ty (Lao Cai)

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Located in north-west Vietnam, at an altitude of 1,600m above sea level, Sapa is one of the places where snow and ice appears the most in Vietnam. According to preliminary statistics, from 1971 to 2011, snow fell 15 times in Sapa.

Most recently, on December 15, snow fell in the town of Sapa and lasted until the morning of December 16. Visitors could see snow in many areas around the town, such as the Heaven Gate, the Silver Waterfall, the Hoang Lien Son Mountain and the O Quy Ho Pass.

Going further into Y Ty commune in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai, tourists will feel better the beauty of snow, which cover the roads, the villages, the forest and the mountains here.

2. Mau Son (Lang Son)

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At an average altitude of 800-1,000m above sea level, located in Cao Loc and Loc Binh districts of the northern mountainous province of Lang Son, Mau Son is one of the coldest regions in Vietnam. In winter, temperatures in Mau Son often remain minus, with ice and snow sometimes.

As a resort like Sapa, Da Lat or Tam Dao … when there is ice and snow, Mau Son is covered by the white color. It looks like a Europe town with snow and ice covering French-styled mansions.

Going to Mau Son, in addition to admire the unique beauty, tourists can learn about the lives of the Dao, Nung and Tay people and enjoy the famous specialties of this region, such as Shan Tuyet tea, six-spur chicken, wild lemon, frogs, roast pork, Mau Son wine , Mau Son peaches and the medicated bath services of Dao people.

3. Tay Con Linh (Ha Giang)

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At the 2,427m altitude, Tay Con Linh – the roof of the northeast mountain region – also has ice and snow in the winter. In 2011, there was snow in the Tay Con Linh Natural Reserve from the height of 1,600m upward. In 2012, Tay Con Linh also had ice, making this place as beautiful as Norwegian forests.

4. Phia Oac (Cao Bang)

 20131215-0353-thu-vi-tuyet-roi-trang-nui-o-sapa-03 The best places for watching snow in Vietnam

Phia Oac is quite an unfamiliar name to many people. At the height of 1,930m above sea level, the Phi Oac Mountains is the roof of Cao Bang Province. At the top of the mountain looking down, one will feel like standing on cloud.

Phia Oac does not have frequent snowfall like Sapa but if you are lucky, you may see snowflakes stretching across the roofs and dry twigs here in the winter.

The French also built luxury resorts for soldiers and officers in Phia Oac. A number of old French villas are still preserved and they are destinations of tourists.

5. Dong Van, Meo Vac (Ha Giang)

 20131215-0354-thu-vi-tuyet-roi-trang-nui-o-sapa-08 The best places for watching snow in Vietnam

Ice also appears in the high mountains of Ha Giang, including Dong Van and Meo Vac.

Besides Dong Van town, visitors can go to many peaks in the communes of Lung Tao, Pho Bang, Lung Cu, Ta Lung, Thai Phin Tung in Dong Van district or Can Chu Phin, Giang Chu Phin, Thuong Phung and Xin Cai in Meo Vac district to see snow and ice.

Recently, due to the influence of cold air, snow was 4-5cm thick in many places in Dong Van and Meo Vac.

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