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Rice planting season in Sapa

pic-300x193 Rice planting season in SapaFor the last couple of weeks and for about another week more, Sapa residents are busy planting rice. It is a wonderful season to visit Sapa as tourists are given a chance to learn about the importance of rice as it relates to the local and Vietnamese cultures.

One month previous preparations would have begun. Preparing the rice paddies by turning the soil, removing unwanted vegetation, as well as directing water to begin the long process of filling them up. Some selected paddies were also seeded to produce the seedlings that are currently being planted.

This year’s lack of water has made for challenging circumstances for some of the villagers. Some have had to make the difficult decision to plant corn instead of rice in the paddies at higher elevations.

Tourists on their Vietnam tours are encouraged to visit Sapa this time of year to learn about how the rice is planted. It is a dirty, back-breaking job but an experience worth trying!

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