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Scuba Dive Vietnam

images Scuba Dive VietnamVietnam’s underdeveloped scuba industry is one of the country’s best kept secrets. There are three locations in Vietnam that offer diving: Nha Trang, Can Dao Island, and Phu Quoc Island. With all kinds of great things to see and reasonable pricing it is a country worth adding to your log book.

Nha Trang is Vietnam’s premier spot to dive. Offering a range of dive packages from a few different reputable companies. All kinds of different corals, nudibranchs, giant moray eals, and turtles are seen on the Nha Trang dives.

In the Vietnam’s south Can Dao Island and Phu Quoc Island are two destinations for the diving enthusiast. Prices here are slightly more expensive as their popularity has not reached a point to sustain enough competition. Still, the dives are worthwhile. Can Dao has the countries only wreck dive, and Phu Quoc boasts un-touched, beautiful corals.

scuba_diver-26381-300x225 Scuba Dive Vietnam

For more information about adding scuba diving to your Vietnam tour, contact Footprint Vietnam Travel.

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