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Smokey in Sapa

smokey-in-sapa-300x200 Smokey in SapaThe hot dry weather in Sapa, (Lao Cai, Vietnam) has caused havoc for local fire fighters. The beginning of March marks the time of year when the hill tribe communities begin field preparations. Part of the farming activities include slashing and burning of the remains of last years corn crop.

This year the region has not only experienced abnormally hot, dry weather, but also high winds. Some of the farmers’ fires have blown out of control and currently there are two potentially dangerous forest fires in two locations near Sapa. One of the villages, Xeo My Ty, is near Tavan village, a popular overnight spot for trekkers. The fires are being fought by the local volunteers as well as members from Vietnam’s army. However, that is not preventing the entire area to being blanketed by a light smokey haze.

Footprint Vietnam Travel sends its best wishes and thanks to all the volunteers helping in the putting out the fires. We would also like to notify any travellers on a Vietnam tour, that no tours have been cancelled and the region is safe to travel to.

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