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Footprint’s 2012 New Year’s resolutions

dsc08859-1-300x225 Footprints 2012 New Years resolutionsWell its that time of year again. Time to look forward to 2012 with some new year’s resolutions to guide us towards another successful year. Here is what Footprint Vietnam Travel resolves to do in 2012.

Last year we saw over 2000 guest trade with us, many of which were also school groups volunteer while traveling. We celebrated our tenth year in operation! We said goodbye to one of our most electrifying employees, and we were also happy to welcome new Footprinters to our family. 2012 will be hard to top, but here is how we plan on doing it.

Footprint intends to focus on a major training blast with our tour guides and drivers. We resolve to deliver responsible travel training to all of the people that travel with our guests on their trips.

Our new office has become a great new home for Footprint, as well as personal challenge to reduce energy. In 2012 we resolve to further reduce our energy consumption from 35% to 45%; this, compared to our energy consumption at our past, smaller office! Dramatic reduction of elevator use – adding a little exercise to our weeks – is also one of many of our staffs’ personal new year’s resolutions.

Footprint also pledges and is committed to partnering with at least one local family in every major destination in Vietnam to provide local and responsible home stay accommodation for our guests.

We have always aimed our products to be examples of responsible travel. In 2012, Footprint is furthering this resolution. New communities will be partnered with and new community based tourism projects will be supported by our trips and product offering. And, new cycling routes and tours will be designed and ready by early 2012!

And, of course, we resolve to keep on having fun. The picture posted above is of one of Footprint’s staff trips. Definitely, a 2012 resolution: more Footprint staff fun!

We hope that our new year’s resolutions will inspire others in their travel, and maybe other travel companies to look to responsible travel! We also are excited at the prospect of giving back with our resolutions. None the less, you, our guests, friends, partners, and family, are a big part of what we do. A huge thanks needs to be given to all of you; because, without you they would never become a reality.

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