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Trekking in Vietnam with Footprint Vietnam Travel

dscn1455 Trekking in Vietnam with Footprint Vietnam Travel Vietnam has become a destination worth visiting; not only for its world renowned destinations, its fascinating cultures, and its numerous World Heritage sites, but also for its trekking options. For over ten years, Footprint Vietnam Travel has put together trekking packages that are off the beaten track, fun and interesting, and benefit the communities we visit.

Here are some of those trekking options (with some added recommendations and suggestions for personalization):

Sapa Medium Trek 2, 3, or more days

This trek is a product of connecting with Taphin village’s participation in a community based tourism development project. This is Footprint’s best selling tour, and one of our clients’ favourites. It is off the beaten track and even time we visit the village we see new developments.

To make it that much better, link this trek up with others that we can offer in Sapa. Options can include up to about 5 days of trekking! Ask how you can link Taphin, Sapa, Lao Chai, Tavan, and Ban Ho (and even Mt. Fansipan) into one super-trek!

Mai Chau & Pu Luong 2, 3, 5, and 9 day treks

Mai Chai and the Pu Luong nature reserve offer trekking to some of the most bio-diverse regions in the country. The Thai people are the ethnic minority living in the area, and their hospitality is heart-warming and friendly. Trekking on some of Footprint’s longer options see you on the trails for up to 5 hours a day, with some challenging hikes included if you want to test your stamina.

The 9 day option is the best value for money. It allows you the chance to get used to the trails, to cover a lot of ground, and to have a cultural experience with the Thai people that will be unforgettable.

Cuc Phuong and Van Long 2 day treks

These tour options offer some great jungle trekking. The three day option gives you a few added features such as visit to Ninh Binh and a trip down a local river surrounded by the famous karst landscape.

To make this trip even better, add one or two days on to your trip and then you can explore the area by bicycle. Cycling offers a great way to meet the locals and add a new dynamic to your trekking and sightseeing trip.

Dalat Trekking 1 and 2 days

Dalat is a spot that is relatively un-visited. To us at Footprint (and for those who decide to add it to their Vietnam vacations) Dalat is, for lack of a better word, awesome! Dalat has culture, great fresh food, flowers like you wouldn’t believe, trekking, and adventure. The treks in Dalat are quite long – 6 to 7 hours a day.

For added adventure ask our Footprint Travel Consultants about how you can add a day of canyoning, climbing, and repelling onto your tour. You won’t be disappointed!

These are only a few of the options we offer at Footprint. We also offer trekking and adventure packages to little-known Ha Giang, Moc Chau, Mai Chau, and Cao Bang. No trip to Vietnam is complete without a least a little bit of trekking. And, with Footprint you are sure to have a safe and happy journey!

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