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Top 6 Benefits Of Trekking Tours

Everyone knows the health benefits of trekking. However, trekking not only help you moderate exercises, but also exploring additional lands and meet new people. Here are Footprint’s benefits of trekking for each trip.

1. For relaxation and recharging

It is the perfect form of exercising, relaxing and almost suitable for anyone. Your mind will be transferred to the open countryside with beautiful views and a lot of backroads. Along the way you will make stops for lunch, take pictures and visit points of interesting routes. You have all the time to relax and take in your surroundings. At the end of the day, you will be ensured of a restful night’s sleep at top quality hotels or family homestays or treat yourself to a relaxing herbal bath of the hill-tribes people.

Trekking to a hilltribe homestay

2. For a healthier lifestyle

Trekking often require the hiker to be focused on their activity. To do that, thoughts must be cleared and mind prepared to face challenges along the way. Trekking tours together with a lot of fresh air is the perfect medicine to a busy lifestyle. Imagine starting the day with a good breakfast, then taking the road at your own pace. After that you will eat dinner with a healthy glow and many happy memories each night.


3. For a fine body

When you go trekking, it requires climbing, dodging, jumping and stretching at several breaks within the activity. Such exercises during trekking will help make the bones stronger. Furthermore, you will carry bandages, clothes and water which means extra weight on your shoulders and spine. Such weight will have an effective impact on your bones and will result in you achieving overall fitness.

4. To get closer to nature

It might sound cliché, but there is nothing like trekking to get in touch with nature. Trekking tours delivers you an experience of daily dose of natural beauty. This activity is meant for people who love to spend time outdoors seeing the many faces of the environment. It provides a thrilling experience to those who want to enjoy the serenity and calmness. The beautiful backdrops, crystal clear blue waters and landscapes will absorb you within the trekking tour.

IMG_04891 Top 6 Benefits Of Trekking Tours

DSC_0254 Top 6 Benefits Of Trekking Tours

5. To explore the scenery

You will explore the beauty of the countryside with trekking tours in Vietnam. The routes are pretty long, with peaceful roads and gentle hills that provide great views. Our active holidays will allow you a lot of time to familiarize yourself with the scenery. You will get to know the highlights of the tour at a comfortable and relaxing pace. Besides, instead of going by car, with trekking you will have more time to take in the beautiful scene.

IMG _ 3084

shutterstock_266612723 Top 6 Benefits Of Trekking Tours

6. To interact with the culture

Along the way you will definitely come across some unseen shades of culture. This could be totally unknown or very little known villages and trails. Imagine that you will experience different food, lifestyles and communities which are difficult to find in our daily life. In some cases, you will be astonished by the fact that doors are not closed that much, because they do not feel the need to.

Ha giang local

Ha Nhi children in Y Ty

There is something magnificent, refreshing and satisfying of passing by nature for a period of time. From the fascinating sights to the quiet moments of self-reflection, one can say: trekking provides a number of benefits ranging from mental to physical to spiritual.


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